Why we travel?


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  2. Why travel?
  3. Why travel top 10
  4. Why should young people travel?
  5. Why don't Americans travel?
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Your travels

The majority of my travel deals with my daughterís softball team.Which consists of traveling to Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Colorado.For field camps I have traveled to Minnesota, Wyoming, and Montana.For vacations I have traveled to Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, and Texas.To go pick up a new puppy I have traveled to Illinois, and Kentucky.I have also traveled for a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada.Other reasons I have traveled are MLB games and College Football games.

Why travel?

I believe there are multiple reasons why Amy Huberman likes to travel and why she believes others should also travel more.First while traveling abroad you will exhibit unknown ideas and cultures that will stimulate your mind and enhance personal growth.You may experience a sense of personal freedom from the burdens of your normal everyday life.These new experiences will also enlighten you to what you do and know that is so familiar with you that you will learn to understand why they are the way they are and possibly appreciate them more.

††††††††††††††† Other reasons people should travel is it is actually easier than people think and it is exciting and adventurous.You can cause new friendships to happen and with technology the way it is now it is easier than ever to stay in touch with these new friends when you come back.Traveling gives you the opportunity to be self-taught and really learn what is going on in the world with your own eyes and ears.I believe that traveling gives you the most rewarding thing in life which is experiences all the material things in the world donít mean anything you canít take any of it with you but you can hold onto those experiences.

Why travel top ten

From the list of top ten reasons to travel here are the three that stood out to me.1) It teaches you about yourself. Every time I travel, I learn new experiences I try different foods that I would not normally try and I do something new that I can not do in my home state.Then I will find myself on top of a mountain looking at the peaceful beauty while reflecting on my life.Some of what I just stated relates to my next choice.2) Traveling provides you with unforgettable moments and experiences.This is true even the most boring of places to most people can have a serenity to it that I enjoy made even better by the silly things that can happen at any time when you travel as a family.Just getting to your destination if it is driving, flying, or whatever mode of transportation you are using it is a journey of experiences all on its own even the little things can have unforgettable moments.3) It provides you stories that you can tell your children and grandchildren about.This is true I have along with my friends that I have traveled with have told my children so many stories about these trips mainly in the U.S. and I have shared several stories from my time in Canada also.I hope to one day travel abroad and have new stories to share.

Why should young people travel?

The six reasons that Peterson lists are get out of your comfort zone, become smarter and more competent, begin in a new place and be around new people, develop cultural sensitivity, adopt to globalization, and be immersed in a second language, opportunities to network, and connect and navigate foreign environments.My only foreign experience was when I went to Canada. I did meet new people who could speak multiple languages.And at times I did try to read some French while I was there and it was a challenge but fun.

††††††††††††††† A cultural change I experienced that brought me out of my comfort zone was at the time I was not old enough to legally buy alcohol in the U.S. but I could legally purchase it in Canada and that was a little strange to be openly asked if I would like to buy a drink in a restaurant or diner.With these experiences I can relate a little bit to the reasons to travel that he listed.Other reasons to travel would be donít be so easily persuaded by the media or other people telling you how awful the world is.Go experience it for yourself and talk to people you will be so amazed even with my travels in the U.S. I found that to be the case.

††††††††††††††† I have also found that after a long trip I am ready to go home but I am not ready to get back into my life and deal with all the daily issues that come with being back home.There is a bit of mental freedom that comes with traveling.You get to forget about your home life and put that in the rear-view mirror for a while and you get to be a different person and that is a really great feeling that makes you want to travel more.The younger you are able to travel the better because you are not tied down by life as much.The little things will make the travel experience even greater those are the real stories.

Why don't Americans travel?

According to the CNN article some reasons that were mentioned were doing something new is scary, the U.S. is a large bountiful place full of natural wonders and cultures that you donít need to travel abroad.If you want to experience a taste of another cultural there are sections carved out in cities that are predominantly other heritages that you can enjoy that is cheaper and less time consuming.The capitalist market is engraved in our minds so much that Americans do not take meaningful vacations and feel they need to keep working and earning money.Americaís ignorance about foreign places has led to fear of traveling abroad. ††

††††††††††††††† I also think a major issue is people are still recovering from the economic crisis of 2008 and they canít afford to take a trip over seas the financial costs are too high.For example, in the article it listed average airfare of $1,177 dollars each.For a family of four that would be a cost of almost $5,000 just to ride the plane.That is why traveling abroad seems more like a socio-economic issue than choosing to be isolated Americans.The constant negativity in the news about places and Americans at risk in other countries gets imbedded in our thoughts and then we never really know that a certain country has turned things around and are having an economic resurgence like Rwanda for an example.

††††††††††††††† Another reason for not wanting to travel abroad would be because most likely you would have to fly.There is a large number of people who donít want to because of cost, time, security hassles, comfort of the airplanes, and fear of flying.For some the loss of control is the main reason for not traveling abroad.Your life is in the hands of two complete strangers at 45,000 ft. in a machine that defies gravity.

Self-imposed Isolation?

Self-imposed isolation would describe my mom.She is completely content with where she is and how she lives.She has never traveled far and lacks the resources to do so besides that she has no interest about anything overseas.

Long way Round / Long way Down review

I can understand Wallastonís review of the Long way Round and Long way Down.The two separate series did have the feel of a documentary and some of the situations felt like they were scripted.They definitely had technological help and a large support team.They all made money off the production of these episodes and it was supposed to be a dream bike trip.That being said they did have a lot of troubles and their experiences in the shows were amazing and some of it was educational.The trip itself was quite an amazing feat that was a culmination of lots of help, planning, training, logistical support, history lessons, and some geographical and cultural background leg work.

A Missing Geographic Perspective

The scene where they got invited to stay in a house of an electronics store owner and more and more people showed up to the house all bringing food and the table was loaded with different foods by the time, they began to eat they were amazed.Then they were blown away when the man comes down stairs and starts singing for them. This is could be a cultural process they do when they invite people into their households that they were not aware of.Then it got weird when they started pulling out all the guns and I am sure in any country that would become an awkward situation that I donít think anyone with a geographic perspective would know how to handle.

††††††††††††††† Another situation where I think a geographic perspective would have helped them understand what they were experiencing would be when they were invited into a tent by a family that was very open and welcoming, they shared everything they had which was not much living in the middle of a vast emptiness.They were quite dismayed to be eating testicle soup which is probably a staple meal for that family.†† ††††††

Submitted by Cory Lewis on 2/1/19