Maps Of Israel


  1. Physical Environment
  2. Weather & Climate
  3. Human Environment
  4. Road maps
  5. City Maps
  6. Urban Transportation Maps
  7. Tourist Maps

1 Physical Environment

Topographic map of Tel Aviv Israel.This map shows some of the major road networks and the physical geographic environment where the city of Tel Aviv was constructed.,34.95576604,124.85355251a,54128.92846065d,35y,132.16892249h,57.60376426t,0r

Israel Earthquake map.This map shows the risk areas for earthquake activity in the region.

Israel land use map.This map shows how Israel is using the land and what can be grown and harvested on the land.



2 Weather & Climate

World temperature map.This map shows the change in temperatures during three month periods of the year and each map is explained below in Fig. 1.

Israel rain fall map.This map shows the amount of rainfall that Israeli cities receive.

Israel annual rain fall and elevation map.This map shows aerial distribution of rainfall based coinciding with elevation.


3 Human Environment

Israel population sectors.This map shows the makeup of Israelís population.


Israel population demographics.This map shows the total population of Israel and the population breakdown of the major cities.It also gives a breakdown of the religious or ethnic makeup of the country.

Israel annual income.This map shows the average monthly distribution of income through out the world with Israel showing an income level of $37.270.



4 Road Maps

Road map of Tel Aviv city center area.

Road map of major roads and highways in Israel.Also cities and airports along with boundaries and railways also shown.

Partial road map from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with major road networks shown.



5 City Maps

Jerusalem city center map.Including the section of the old city.

This is a closer detailed map of city roads with some tourism sites listed in Tel Aviv.

City map of Tel Aviv with significant locations listed, beaches, and museums.

6 Urban Transportation

Bus route map for the city of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv bike route map with legend.

Tel Aviv mass transit railway map.


7 Tourist Sites

Old City tourist map.All the major sites are listed and index with a layout of the roads how to get around the Old City.

Beaches and Hotels map of Tel Aviv.This map allows you to easily find your way to a hotel to stay in and a beach to enjoy.

This is a map of the historical Jaffa Port and Clock Tower.נמל+יפו%E2%80%AD/@32.0512894,34.7523394,16.85z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x151d4cc6270d2685:0x4b15da7dedbfa9af!8m2!3d32.051546!4d34.748321


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