Itinerary Page for Travel to Tel Aviv/Jerusalem/Palestine/Jordan Syria/Bethlehem/Capernaum/Nazareth/Bethsaida/Masada/Qumran

21 day itinerary + 2 travel days



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Omaha to San Francisco

 Round Trip from Omaha to San Francisco $393

Flight to San Francisco to connect to Tel Aviv

$393 cost for airfare.



San Francisco to Tel Aviv Israel

 Flight $874 roundtrip 


Flight from San Francisco to Tel Aviv Israel.



Round trip airfare cost $874



Car Rental Tel Aviv Israel

Car rental for a 21-day period with a small compact car total that gets 55.4 mpg with a capacity of 9 gallons, which is roughly 500 miles a day per full tank. Fuel cost at $1.79/liter. 21-day total estimate $ 210

 Car rental at airport.




Car rental $130



Hostel Tel Aviv Israel

 Tel Aviv Hostel   

Room accomodations.






 $31 per night



Jaffa Flea Market and Port of Jaffa day trip.





Take a 10-minute drive to the Jaffa Flea Market and historic Port Jaffa.

  The Jaffa Flea Market is a mix of old world and new that line both sides of the street.  You can shop and haggle for deals from all over the Middle East.  The flea market itself is open Sunday to Thursday 10am to 6pm and Friday 10am to 2pm. 

Port Jaffa is an ancient port that gave way to the beginning of modern dayTel Aviv.  Port Jaffa is one of the worlds oldest ports.  This is the location from which the biblical story of Johna and the Wale began.

Estimated fuel cost $.020 for a round trip of 3.5 miles from hostel to the Jaffa Flea Market and Jaffa Port.

Food Breakfast complimentary at Hostel $10 at Bocca Bocca



Hostel to Banana Beach

Take a short drive to from the hostel to spend the day and night on the beautiful Banana Beach in Tel Aviv.

Spend the day relaxing and basking in the Mediterranean climate spending the day on one of Tel Aviv’s beaches. 

This clean sandy beach is located on the west side of Tel Aviv.  During the day the sky is dotted with colorful kites flying high in the wind with sky scrapers in the background.  There is a couple wading in the water while two children play Matkot a form of paddle ball while others are sunbathing.  At night the beaches turn into a festival atmosphere where young people gather to play music, dance, and sing.




Enjoy some food at nearby Carmel Market.


Fuel to the beach $.020 for 3-mile round trip.

Food breakfast at the Hostel

Carmel Market $8.60.



Day Trip to Nazareth Israel

Take a drive to Nazareth and visit the home town of Jesus.

Visit the place where Jesus spent the Majority of his life.

The Church of Annunciation built by Helena commissioned by Constantine was built on the proclaimed site where the angel appeared to Mary and announced to her that she would give birth to the son of god.




Experience a tour and what life was like at the time of Jesus $13.

Eat a traditional meal that would have been served at this time $12.


Fuel cost round trip $8

Tour $13

Food $12



Drive to visit Jerusalem

Visit the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem.

 Enjoy the Old City and the many sites it has to offer.

 The Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock are located in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The Temple Mount is extremely important to three different religions sect’s Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  This area is of great historical purpose that needs to be visited to be understood. 



The Dome of the Rock is one of the oldest surviving works of Islamic architecture.  To some this is the holiest of holy sites and below the foundation stone in the center of the building is the Well of Souls.



The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is an important religious location to visit.  The Rotunda in the middle of the church is the proclaimed site of where Jesus was crucified and his body was placed in a rock cut tomb.

Fuel round trip $2.70

It is free to enter the Temple Mount and Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Street food $6




Bethlehem Israel

Travel into Palestine to visit the town of Bethlehem.

 Visit the Church of Nativity.

You will have to pass across the border to Palestine to visit the proclamined birth place of Jesus.  The Church of the Nativity was built over the spot where the manger was claimed to be located where Jesus was born.


The Milk Grotto is a church built in the place where the Jesus and his family took refuge during the Slaughter of the Innocence.



Herodium the location of one of King Herods palace and the location of his tomb built on top of a man made tell. 


When hungry grab a bite to eat at the Connect Café.


Fuel round trip $3.00

All three areas have free access.

Food $5-$11



Petra Jordan

Drive from Tel Aviv to Petra Jordan.

 1 day drive visit the sites and stay the night in Wadi Musa and drive back to Tel Aviv

 Visiting Petra Jordan was the capital of Nabataean Arabs.


Walk uphill 850 steps to the Monastery of Petra

Grab a bite to eat on the way up to the Monastery at the cliffside café.


Stay overnight in Wadi Musa at a nearby hotel.

Fuel $11

Entrance fee $78

Hotel $10

Food $7



Drive back to Tel Aviv from Wadi Musa Jordan

Take the same route back to Tel Aviv.

Drive back to Tel Aviv and spend some time at the museum.

 Go visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art after a long drive back from Jordan on the desert highway.


After the drive and the day at the museum fill up at Sbih Frishman it is Iraqi Mediterranean cuisine.

Fuel $11

Museum entrance fee $14

Food $5



Capernaum and Dead Sea

Take the short drive to Capernaum and The Sea of Galilee.

Capernaum to the Mount of Beatitudes.

Mount of Beatitudes to Mount Tabor map

 Visit Capernaum home of five of the apostles and the Sea of Galilee the site for many of Jesus’ proclaimed miracles.

The ancient village of Capernaum was rediscovered in 1838 and today they have built the Capernaum National Park.



Then go see the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount just outside Capernaum.

Church of the Transfiguration can also be seen while visiting Capernaum the church is located close by on top of Mount Tabor and is 1,900’ above sea level and the site believed to be where Jesus took three disciples to see a vision.

Fuel round trip $5

Entrance fee for Capernaum National Park $0.83

Food $6



Tel Aviv to Qumran

Tel Aviv to Qumran National park map.

 Visit the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

 Qumran is famous for the location of a devout religious sect that lived in this area in ancient times and this is the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.  This is a great place to hike, historical learning, and rock climbing.



Fuel $5

Entrance fee $5.84

Food $6



Day trip to Bethsaida

Tel Aviv to Bethsaida map.

 Visit Bethsaida where two miracles of Jesus took place 

This is the town where Jesus healed a blind man and performed the feeding of the multitudes.


 Fuel cost round trip $5

Food $6



Jerusalem part 2

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem map.

Tour more sites of Jerusalem that cant be crammed in one day.

Mount of Olives named for the Olive trees that grew there and is the burial place for some of the most important citizens in biblical times and the site where Jesus ascended into heaven.


The Church of Mary Magdalene.  The church was dedicated to the companion of Jesus built by a Russian Tsar in 1886.









Fuel $2.70 round trip

No entrance fees.

Food $6




Explore local museums

Map of Tel Aviv Museums.


Visit the Eretz Israel Museum and Beit Hatfutsot Museum

 No better way to learn about culture than to spend more time in Tel Aviv museums.  The Eretz Israel museum is dedicated in telling the story of how Tel Aviv came to exist.


The Beit Hatfutsot Museums is the center for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.






Eretz Israel Museum entrance fee $15

Beit Hatfutsot Museum entrance fee $13

Fuel cost round trip $3

Food $8


5/23/2019 a little relaxation and fun

Shefayim water park.

Give your traveling mind and body a little fun and relaxation while getting to know the locals.

Shefayim Water Park contains 22 slides and large pools.



Park entrance $25

Fuel Round trip $4

Food $8




Tel Aviv to Paradive at Habonim Beach.

Get a new perspective skydivng.

 Get a new perspective skydiving abroad at Paradive sky diving.


Skydiving cost $58

Fuel round trip $5

Food $6



Caesarea National Park

National park trip to Caesarea National Park.


National park with and ancient history.

This is a restored harbor that was built by King Herod along with ancient aqueducts.  This national park contains the world’s only underwater museum.

Fuel cost round trip $4

Food $5



Masada National Park

 Masada National Park.

 Drive from hostel to Masada National Park.

 Masada is a strategic location in the Negev Desert, with amazing views across the Dead Sea and beyond into Jordan.

Fuel cost round trip $5

Food $5



Archaeological dig.

Tel Aviv to Bethsaida

Be part of finding history and join an excavation.

Bethsaida Excavations Project located on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee volunteer to be part of the project.



Fuel Cost round trip $7

Food $5



Palestine World Heritage place.

Tel Aviv to Battir map.

Take a walk through a Palestinian World Heritage Site.

This is the Palestine Land of Olives and Vines cultural landscape of southern Jerusalem Battir.  This is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its lush green vegetation growing on hand built ancient stone wall irrigation terrace system.



Round trip fuel costs $3

Food $6



Return car and head home.


 Used the same map as the beginning taking the same route home.








Flight home from San Francisco to Omaha

Flight from San Francisco to Omaha





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Cost of Activities


Food est.

Total Cost






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