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Include pictures, and at least one panorama image, and a webcam image from two different times.


  1. Landscapes
  2. Cities
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1 Landscapes

This is the Palestine Land of Olives and Vines cultural landscape of southern Jerusalem Battir.  This is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its lush green vegetation growing on hand built ancient stone wall irrigation terrace system.  The terraces are butted up right against the city walls with several earthen colored buildings looking over the crops.  This area is known for its olives, vines, and fruit.  Because of the semiarid climate the remaining area is dotted with bushes and pine trees.

Here is a man dressed in typical outdoor clothing walking down a dirt path littered with stones on a sunny cloudless day pausing to take in the beauty of the multitude of vegetation and rolling hills in a city park called The Jerusalem Ring.  This park is part of a four-park system that contains 3,700 acres surrounding Jerusalem.  This park is home to several varieties of vegetation and flowers making a great habitat for a multitude of wildlife such as rabbits, jackals, foxes, and birds.  These parks also contain ancient ruins of stone terraces, canals, and pools.

A couple dressed all black taking a quiet stroll on a path cutting through the high plains of the Judean Desert.  The expansive rolling hills speckled with shadows from the high clouds dotting out the sun is located between Jerusalem and Jericho.  You can enjoy the different earthy hues and the different layers of strata that display tilting and faulting of past earthquakes.  This is a very arid desert environment with no vegetation at all.

Ariel view of Jerusalem showing the rolling hills of the Kidron Valley and Hinnom Valley containing green vegetation and the expansive spread of the new city.  The lower right corner is the Old City containing the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock.  You can also see the Mt. of Olives, and Mt. Zion in this picture. This is an ever-expanding city nestled against the hills in a semi-arid environment.


2 Cities


Panoramic view of city center Tel Aviv Israel.  Tel Aviv is a mix of old and new.  You can see the wonderful colors used with the older structures giving the picture some Mediterranean flare while in the background is a view of a modern city with several towers rising up in the sky above.  Beyond those towers is the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  The city sky line is dotted with small puffy clouds and a gorgeous blue sky.  A few different types of trees are sprinkled amongst the concrete and steel of this great city.

Looking across the Mediterranean Sea at the city of Tel Aviv at sunset the light reflecting off the towers and the beautiful golden hues of the sky in the background.  Areas of trees cut through the city looking like rivers flowing to the sea.  Sail boats nestled in for the night at The Port Harbour.  The waves rippling and breaking on shore while the beaches are dotted with a few beachgoer’s watching the sunset.


A bright blue sky and plenty of sun shines down on beachgoers at Banana Beach.  This clean sandy beach is located on the west side of Tel Aviv.  During the day the sky is dotted with colorful kites flying high in the wind with sky scrapers in the background.  There is a couple wading in the water while two children play Matkot a form of paddle ball while others are sunbathing.  At night the beaches turn into a festival atmosphere where young people gather to play music, dance, and sing.–-The-Art-of-Travel-Tel-Aviv/journalContent-75524


This is a picture of a live webcam of Tel Aviv city at night.  The main streets look like a small river of lights.  Large sky scrapers light up the skyline while smaller buildings and houses dot the city landscape.  Tel Aviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a tourism leader in the Middle East.  Tel Aviv is the world's largest concentration of Bauhaus style buildings, more than 4000.  This is the financial capital of Israel and has a thriving community of young and old.

3 Landmarks

A beautiful sunset color’s the sky as sun rays shoot up to the heavens as they bounce off the clouds.  This is the Old City of Jerusalem and Temple Mount with the gold top shimmering on the Dome of the Rock.  A few lights from an adjacent building shine down on several people walking about in the courtyard mostly dressed in all black Jewish attire.  Many are lined up against the Western Wall also known as the wailing wall built by Herod the Great.  The courtyard can be accessed by eleven gates which ten are used by Muslims and one gate is used by non-Muslims.

Dome of the Rock built on the Temple Mount was finished in 691 C.E. It is an Islamic shrine and one of the oldest surviving works of Islamic architecture.  The brilliant gold dome can be seen from a great distance.  The mosaics were created based off nearby Byzantine churches and palaces.  The gold dome was added in the late 1950s to early 1960s.  The Dome of the rock was built over The Foundation Stone that sits in the center.  This site is a very sacred religious site for different religions which have different reasons as why it is holy to them.

This is a late day webcam of the Western Wall and courtyard located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  There are several people in the courtyard milling about most of them wearing traditional Muslim attire.  In the front center of the picture construction is taking place at the site.  The gold dome on the Dome of the Rock is shimmering brightly in the late evening sun. 

This is a webcam image of the same location as above but in the evening after the sun went down.  The courtyard had begun to fill with lots of people all making their way to the Western Wall.  These two images were taken on a Friday which means that at the end of the day on Friday is the beginning of the Sabbath thus more people have arrived to this holy location.  The Western Wall is lit up by large lights shining down from adjacent structures.  Lights also flood the Dome of the Rock illuminating the gold dome.  


A panoramic view of the Old City, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Omar Mosque, and the Dome of the Holy Sepulcher surrounded by lush green trees on a bright sunny day with clear blue sky.  In the background is the New City of Jerusalem with scattered high rises and densely populated buildings.  This is one of the holiest places for Muslims and Christianity.


4 Images of People

Young modern dressing Arabs and Jews coming together to celebrate and have fun on Shushan Street in Jerusalem for a festival known as Singing, Dancing, and Eating part of the Made in the City 2 festival.  The expression of joy and peace fills this picture during a sun filled day.  The street was packed with up to 300 people showing solidarity in the Middle East.

This is the scene on the street of Via Dolorosa during a Christian progression carrying the cross down the same path that Jesus did during Good Friday.  They will carry this cross all the way to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the site where Jesus was crucified and buried. You can see the concentration on the man’s face as he looks forward carrying the cross while the woman next to him is looking slightly down at the crowd in deep thought.  Others in the crowd are taking photos and video of this yearly event while some carry smaller crosses themselves to the holy site.


Two people are having a not too serious conversation while sitting at a table in a Jewish market filled with back packs, colorful luggage, pots and pans, baskets, and a broom having a drink and bite to eat.  This place is known as the old Mahane Yehuda market or the shuk in Jerusalem behind them is a colorful portrait of a famous Jew Steven Spielberg.  There are several of these famous Jewish portraits throughout the open market area with many more to come.

This is another image of a packed house full of people shopping at the bustling Mahane Yehuda market.  People from all over come to the market to shop many dressed in modern clothes with some males wearing a kippah.  The bustling market is laden with color from the signs, banners, to the fresh produce the merchants are selling.  The little boy in the back is on top of someone’s shoulders wearing a yellow cap and looks at the produce and crowd with a blank stare.  While another gentlemen wearing a black t-shirt stairs ahead looking for a path to continue through the market.  The man in the blue shirt wearing a kippah makes his way to the other side with little expression.  There is also a man checking the weight of today’s purchase while another looks at his bag of goodies. After the shops close and the sun goes the Mahane Yehuda market has a brimming nightlife with restaurants, cafes, and live music.


5 Images from the Book

Backgammon is a popular pastime in Jerusalem.  This is a four-night table top tournament between Palestinians and Israelis is located at a historic former train station.  These men are studying the table intently pondering their next move while a crowd of onlookers watch the action and listen to Arab music being played by a band.

People are seen mingling outside The Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem that was built by 1886 by Tsar Alexander III.  The stone church is located across from the Kidron Valley and Temple Mount.  It has seven golden onion domes that sit atop the church towering in the sky and surrounded by vivacious green trees and plants.  The church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene the long-time companion of Jesus who was the first to see him after is resurrection.

Submitted by Cory Lewis 3/31/2019.